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Welcome to Thalassaemia Society (Singapore).

Thalassaemia Society (Singapore) was formed by a group of parents and volunteers to meet the following objectives:

a. create public awareness and disseminate relevant and the latest medical information relating to Thalassaemia.

b. provide community support and social interaction among Thalassaemia patients and their families.

c. provide financial aid to needy families and referral of social and welfare services.


The Thalassaemia Society (Singapore) was officially registered with the Registry Of Societies in December 2003 and is registered as a Charity with the Commissioner Of Charities. Our Charity Registration Number is 01762.

What is Thalassaemia?
Many diseases are caused by abnormalities in the blood. These abnormalities are categorised according to the part of the blood affected: there are diseases of the red blood cells, the white blood cells or coagulation diseases.

Thalassaemia also known as "Cooley's Anemia", is an inherited disease of the red blood cells, classified as a haemoglobinopathy. The genetic defect results in synthesis of an abnormal
haemoglobin molecule. The blood cells are vulnerable to mechanical injury and die easily.


Thalassaemia Society (Singapore) is honored to commemorate International Thalassaemia Day with National Thalassaemia Registry and KKH on 8th May 2015 with a Blood Donation Drive and a Thalassaemia Trait Screening at KKH.


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